The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve was officially declared as an Asean Heritage Park on 18 October 2011.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve contains pockets of hill dipterocarp forest, not found anywhere else in Singapore. Spanning 163 hectares, it is amazingly rich in biodiversity with about 40% of the nation's flora and fauna. It is home to more than 840 flowering plants and over 500 species of animals (including butterflies).

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also home to Singapore's highest hill at 163.63 m. Composed mainly of granite, Bukit Timah Hill was once an active quarrying site in the mid-1900s.

Today, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve serves as a centre of excellence for conservation, education, research and recreation. It continues to build on its programmes to strengthen its position as a premier tropical forest and inspire people to learn more about Singapore's beautiful rainforests.

Opening Hours:
6.00am to 7pm (Night walking within the nature reserve is not encouraged)

Free admission

Address: 177 Hindhede Drive Singapore 589333
Tel: 1800 468 5736

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