Built in 1943, the Esplanade Park is a historic park located within the Central Business District area. It is one of the oldest in Singapore. The park was redeveloped in 1991.

Many historical landmarks are located at the Esplanade Park, which include the Queen Elizabeth Walk, the former Indian National Army Monument site, The Cenotaph (completed in 1922), the Tan Kim Seng Fountain (moved here in 1925 from Fullerton Square), and the Lim Bo Seng Memorial (which was unveiled in 1954).


1) Tan Kim Seng Fountain

The Tan Kim Seng Fountain commemorates Mr Tan Kim Seng's contributions towards bettering society. Tan was a supporter of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the President of the principal Chinese temple in Malacca and the leader of the Chinese community in Singapore. His other contributions to society include the building and endowing of the Chinese Free School, known as Chui Eng Si E, in Amoy Street.

The fountain was unveiled on 19 May 1882 at Battery Road in Fullerton Square by then President of the Municipality, Sir Thomas Scott. The fountain features four Muses in the lower bowl: Calliope holding a book or a writing tablet; Clio holding a scroll; Erato holding a lyre and Melpomene holding a garland

2) Cenotaph

The Cenotaph is the first military commemorative structure in Singapore that honours individuals who perished in both the First and Second World Wars. Then Governor of the Straits Settlements, Sir Laurence Nunns Guillemard, laid the foundation stone on 15 November 1920 in the presence of then French Premier M Georges Clemenceau. Prince of Wales unveiled the Cenotaph in March 1922.

The memorial bears bronze tablets with inscriptions of those who perished during the First World War, with the inscription that reads: "To Our Glorious Dead". Crowning the roof of the war memorial is a bronze medallion comprising a laurel wreath of victory enclosing the crown, symbolising the Colony of Singapore. After the Second World War (September 1945), a dedication was made on the other side of the Cenotaph, in memory of those who fought and died during the Second World War.

3) Lim Bo Seng Memorial

The Lim Bo Seng Memorial is a dedicated tribute to Lim Bo Seng, who died during the Japanese Occupation period in 1944. He was held captive by the Japanese Secret Police in Ipoh after being exposed as a member of the resistance army. Then Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Loewen, Commander-in-Chief of the Far East Land Forces, unveiled the memorial on 29 June 1954.

There are four bronze plaques with text in English, Chinese, Tamil and Jawi, illustrating Lim Bo Seng's life, embedded on the framed mouldings at the base of the memorial. Designed by prominent local architect Ng Keng Siang, the memorial is a significant piece of Chinese National Style architecture and is the only built structure to commemorate an individual who contributed to the war efforts in the Second World War.



Address: Esplanade Park, Connaught Drive

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